Yoga of Transformation & Inspiration
thoughtful classes for any level of yoga experience
  • Beginners, advanced, physically challenged & pre-natal will experience the healing benefits of our gentle Yoga classes.
  • The focus and intent of an AT THE CORE Yoga Class is to create a safe environment steeped with the support and teachings of all of Yoga (not only physical poses) - allowing each participant the opportunity to heal, grow and transform based on their own unique pace and needs.
  • Each class is designed taking into account the time of day and time of year as we learn to work with the subtle teachings of Ayurveda and our connection with nature and environment.
  • Our flexible environment and class schedule allows us to accommodate everyone, including shift-workers. Make-up classes can be arranged within each session.

Experienced teachers, Shankari and Yogesh each have over 10,000 hours of advanced Yoga, Pranayama (breathing), Ayurveda & Meditation training. This extensive training in the experience & knowledge of the healing and transformational power of traditional Yoga is shared and incorporated within every class.

Gentle Yoga

Our gentle and rejuvenating yoga classes are taught by teachers trained in both Yoga and its sister science of Ayurveda - sharing a class designed to support each student at their own level and pace, while taking into account the time of day and season of year to provide a fully holistic wellness experience.  For any level of experience.  Contact us to try a complimentary class.....

COST 60 minute class $140+hst | 90 minute class $195+hst | 8 week sessions | VIEW SCHEDULE 

Prana Playground

This 90 minute class will share the subtle healing practices of mantra, pranayama and breath awareness through movement, music and meditation.  Throughout the session we will explore the knowledge and experience of letting go and aligning with the inner wisdom of sacred sound and divine space.  Learn simple yet profound practices for deeper healing..... Winter 2019

Meditation & the Mind
Meditation is a natural state that unfolds from balanced energy and a calm mind.

This 6 week program will share the how's and why's of an easy, natural and effective MEDITATION practice.  We will explore the connection between body, breath and mind; learning to understand the deeper aspects of our being including what causes mental/emotional imbalance and strain and how daily meditation can affect healing change.   A regular practice of Meditation can help alleviate sleep issues, depression, chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety, digestive complaints, migraine, aches and pain. 

 shares his over 10 years of practice and experience as a Certified Meditation Therapist and Vedic Counselor in this practical and informative meditation exploration.  Learn to meditate with guidance and support.  Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm | Jan 30 - Mar 6

COST $197+hst | Contact us to register