Greg and Jackie have certainly made a difference in my life. Just a short history: I did their yoga classes for recreation about 5 years ago and sort of let it go. Then in the winter of 2010 woke up feeling like I had been hit by a Mack truck. Went downhill fast to the point where my husband had to dress me as the pain got so bad. Also lost 20lbs in two months. I went to see various specialists who diagnosed me with having polymialgia rheumatica, fibromyalgia, depression etc. I went on numerous pain meds and prednisone and experienced no real relief.

In fall 2011 I went to see Greg and took his yoga classes and I am now taking the two year Ayurvedic healing certification. Greg and Jackie are extremely knowledgeable and continue to educate themselves in the practice. I am going to celebrate my 60th birthday soon and feel great… no meds of any sort and I plan to take their yoga teacher training next year so I can help people my age. Kudos to my friends and teachers Greg and Jackie.

Reineta G - Woodstock ON


Greg and Jackie are not only extremely knowledgeable about Ayurveda, they are practical and live what they teach. They are also fun, kind and loving—bringing innumerable gifts to anyone in their presence. I have benefited both from their instruction, and the manner in which they give it. It is a privilege to be around them.

Susan F - Phoenix AZ


This is a wonderful course (Ayurvedic Healing Course)! As a yogini I love working with the body since the body is very honest. I believe that the body being the ultimate manifestation of creation reflects our inner states (Samkhya). This course is a powerful tool to learn to observe our body without any spiritual, psychological or intellectual speculation; it teaches us how to live according to our true nature in a gentle and practical way. It brings together the different branches of yoga as a full holistic system. Whether one just wishes to live more organically and healthy, or one is on a spiritual path, I fully recommend this course. The material is fantastic and Jackie & Greg are wonderful facilitating the understanding of it. Warm Regards,

Monica J - Toronto ON - 2012

I am writing to express my gratitude to Jackie and Greg for having an opportunity to study the amazing Ayurvedic Healing Course. It is very important for me, since I was dreaming about this for a long time now. But what is even more important is that I was able to find people that share my spirit and use Ayurveda in their everyday lives. Years ago when I was living in Moscow I was reading books about Dr. Frawley. My faith in Ayurvedic medicine was even more reinforced when I received help from Ayurvedic practitioner during my last pregnancy. I look at it as a great system for supporting and strengthening my family's health. This course has definitely helped me to widen my horizon and understand things more deeply and clearly, as well as see myself more connected to my actions and my life.  Jackie and Greg are wonderful people, partners, and more importantly an example of sattvic relationships. They have become a big milestone in my own growth and movement, I and couldn't have succeeded without their help and support. Ayurvedically...

Elena P - Toronto ON


Dr. Frawley’s Ayurvedic Healing Course is so much more than a certification for Ayurvedic consultation – it’s a life transforming, spiritual awakening that will have a profound impact on how you see the world and how you live your life. Since taking the course, my life is better, easier, and more complete. I am excited to continue learning and growing, and to share this incredible knowledge with others! Thanks Jackie and Greg – your guidance and support are invaluable! With gratitude,

Leigh S - London ON


I would like to thank Jackie and Greg for introducing Ayurveda into my life. It has changed my whole view point about life and has brought me back in touch with nature and with myself. Ayurveda is a wonderful way to follow a healthy and wonderful lifestyle. I am so thankful to have had wonderful teachers and guides which have help me through the learning and the experiences Ayurveda has to offer. To all that wish to connect deeper with one’s self and with nature, I would highly recommend this wonderful Ayurvedic Healing Course.

Danielle D - Southampton ON


I have been a client of Jackie & Greg’s for just over one year. As an executive with a large multinational I know that sometimes life is complicated. Their knowledge, compassion and skill with which they deliver information has enabled me to internalize their teachings and apply the learnings to the benefit of my health and to the well-being of my family. Thanks!

Helen W - Toronto ON


I have been working with Jackie and Greg for the past year and am very grateful for this life-changing experience! They have recommended small, accessible lifestyle and dietary changes and the result has brought a greater sense of peace and grounding. Their Ayurvedic practice gives each person the tools needed to change the inner body so as to affect change in their outer world. I am a happier and healthier version of myself. Much thanks Jackie and Greg!

Laura M - London ON


Since meeting Jackie and Greg, my life has transformed. I feel so blessed to be in their loving presence and to learn from them each and everyday. Their wisdom and dedication to spread beautiful knowledge and love is wonderful. There is never a time I feel alone or neglected as their student. They are wonderful teachers who teach beautifully and with grace. I am forever grateful to know and learn from them :)

Liz R - London ON


I have been so grateful for the presence of Jackie and Greg in London and all they are able to demonstrate in the way of an inspiring, healing lifestyle. The Ayurvedic dietary considerations have been so helpful for my acid reflux condition, and the yoga for my arthritis, and the daily rhythms for general well-being. Even more than that, Jackie and Greg represent a way of looking at life that is warm, compassionate, empathetic, humble, focused, and open but discerning towards other ways of thinking. And they are always learning new things, as may we all! Thank you, thank you!

Carol L - London ON

The  teachings and support from AT THE CORE have been life altering for me and I experience more happiness now than I ever thought possible. With Jackie and Greg's inspiring guidance I feel supported in all aspects of my life now.

Lisa M - London ON

I've known Jackie and Greg for a few years; I've barely scratched the surface of the lifestyle changes they offer through their teachings. And yet the changes are truly significant; ‎I like to think there is no going back. For me, right‎ now, what I appreciate about these practices is how they are informed by the cycles of the seasons and the concreteness of the elements, that they stem from knowledge steeped in centuries of tradition and gleaned from foremost authorities in ayurvedic and yogic wisdom; that they instill gratitude, mindfulness, trust, and an appreciation for nature's abundant gifts. That they impart the power of our own capacities for self-healing. Most of all, it's that they offer the possibility of connecting with the stillness that is in each of us, and of finding real peace therein. All that, plus the teachings are delivered with love, reverence and humour. Pure gold! Thanks Jackie and Greg!

Agnes Y - London ON

I want to say how much I have appreciated the (Ayurveda Fundamentals 1.0) Course. I think you do a super job of presenting the material and of handling the reactions to it, giving plenty of time to all questions and concerns without deviating from your over-all plan. I especially like the room for humour and rueful confessions, and I congratulate you both on creating such a positive and fun mood.  Many thanks and all the best,

Sally V - London ON