relaxing | rejuvenating | restorative


  • Ayurvedic assessment of your current state of health.
  • Personalized treatment with organic herbal oils.
  • Energized healing mantras to support prana and energy.

ADD an optional soak with deep releasing bath salts and personalized essential oils | $30+hst


VATA Massage a gentle, slow, warming and nurturing massage.  Excellent to balance cold, dryness, pain, nervousness, anxiety and worry.  Rejuvenating and Nourishing!

PITTA Massage a moderate, cooling and soothing massage. Excellent to balance, heat, inflammation, anger, irritability and intense mental thoughts.  Calming and Tranquil!

KAPHA Massage a strong, vigorous and stimulating massage. Excellent to balance cold, heaviness, stagnation, dullness and depression.  Invigorating and Energizing!

PRANIC Massage – A combination of energy work integrated with the subtle wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.  This is a powerful energetic massage which opens and moves prana (life energy) through the nadis (channels).  Excellent to balance energy that is blocked in the body by emotional and mental stress.

HEALING FACIAL -  Purifying and rejuvenating facial incorporating pure scrubs and/or clay masks and marma therapy (pressure points) for personalized release of tension, blockages and strain.  Includes the use of organic essential oils and aromatherapy.

60 min treatments - $70 + hst
90 min treatments - $95 + hst
add a 30 minute facial - $45+hst

Ayurvedic Clinic & Spa

Personalized Treatments

Using the time-tested practices of Ayurveda and Eastern Energy Work to create a unique treatment based on your personal physical, mental and emotional needs.  Treatments evolve over times based on the need of each and every client.....

Ayurvedic treatments are proven to help reduce stress and strain.
Massage helps to alleviate deep-seated and chronic pain.
Balancing Prana supports the release of stagnant energy and strengthens circulation.
Personalized organic herbal oils, increase mental, emotional and physical immunity.