Space l Air l Fire l Water l Earth

Everything in nature, including you - is made up of a unique proportion of elemental energetics. Learn to work in harmony with your nature and temperament to recapture and sustain balance, strength and immunity.  As we become familiar with our distinct nature, we can work with that knowledge to prevent the stresses and diseases to which our unique temperament may predispose us to.

Learn to work with who YOU are... 
the special gifts and characteristics your nature holds!

Do you ever wonder...?

Why can my child not sit still? 

Ayurveda may answer... why does the wind blow?

Because it is its nature to do so.

Why do I often feel irritable and frustrated?

Ayurveda may answer... why does fire burn?

Because its nature is hot and intense. 

Why am I so stubborn?

Ayurveda may answer... why is it so hard to move a mountain?

Because its nature is heavy and slow moving.


Nature's Wisdom ~ The Art of Healthy Living

Ayurveda "the sister science of yoga", is the world's most ancient, comprehensive and natural preventative mind/body health care system.  It is recognized by the World Health Organization.